And the winner is…….The Bedroom for Best Director.

Much to my surprise The Bedroom has won Best Director at the International Toronto Porn Awards (formerly the Feminist Porn Awards) on Sunday night!

I was hoping to attend the festival and awards this year but work and other commitments conspired against me…maybe next film!

Thanks again to all the crowdfunding contributors who helped make The Bedroom!

You can check out The Bedroom here:

Or if you are in Melbourne you can come and see it on the Big Screen with a Q and A with the cast, giveaways and lots more!

Or maybe you’d like to learn more about how the film was made?  Megan Spencer spent time with us on set capturing the ins and outs of The Bedroom!

I hope you enjoy!

The Bedroom now available online!

Yes, I have finally moved into the digital age and you can now purchase all my film online!

However, if you like to rock it old school style you can also get The Bedroom on DVD, which is a strictly limited edition of only 100 that are hand numbered!

Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990
Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990

Eros Shine Award Nomination!


Can’t believe it but Poison Apple Productions and a whole lot of awesome feminist erotic/porn makers have been nominated this year for Best Porn Production or Production Company.

Please click here and cast your vote for Poison Apple Productions and prove to the mainstream industry that there is a desire for alternative/feminist porn and erotica.

I will also be eternally grateful!

Video On Demand

Its been a very long time between post and please excuse my slackness but I have been dealing with some big health issues, but more on that at a later date.

However, I have been setting up some of my films as Video On Demand or VOD, which is very exciting to have my films enter the next phase of distribution options available to independent filmmakers.

So please find below some of the titles currently available and I will be adding more as time goes on.




I hope you enjoy!

Tristan Taormino talks and other adventures.

Last month, I spent a highly entertaining night listening to sex positive feminist, Tristan Taormino talk about her very interesting life and journey to making porn films.  It was a captivating and fascinating two hours.  Tristan is a great public speaker and if you ever get the chance to hear her talk I highly recommend it.

She spoke about her ethical approach to her actors: good pay, reasonable hours, providing safe environments, and giving actors the freedom to do what they wished rather than dictating to them.  It was strange to hear this referred to as ethical treatment of actors in explicit films as I thought it was the ONLY way to treat actors, but then again I have chosen to forge my own path and not be dictated by the mainstream industry, and I guess that what makes the difference. 

I decided to get up and ask a question about safe sex and the use of condoms in her films, as it is one of the things I feel very strongly about and think as erotic filmmakers it is very important to promote, especially as there is a rise in sexually transmitted diseases (which I find shocking, as choosing to have sex with someone is also about making a respectful choice to use condoms).  Her take was quite different and I do wonder how much of it is dictated by the studio she worked for or if it is as she said, a choice she let the actors make.  She was actually quite surpised how many of them would rather have sex without condoms!

The evening also gave me a chance to catch up again with Louise Lush, who I haven’t seen in the flesh since “The Band” screened at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2009.  Wow how time flies!  Finally, I got to meet two actors/makers I have been wanting to meet, Angela White and Liandra Dahl.  We where all standing around being total video/film nerds getting excited talking about RED and Lexus cameras, steady cams and jib arms!  Pretty funny!

I actually stood next to Angela White for quite sometime until I realised it was her!  In the photos she has sent me she looks like an amazing amazon, yet in person she is still amazing but petite.  She had just returned from a month in the US filming scenes for her website and was looking forward to going home to several terabytes of video footage and begin editing!

Afterwards, I was hoping to talk with Liandra further about her films, but unfortunately she had to leave early, but we did catch up later that week.  She came by my office and we talked non stop for 2 hours.  I could have spent the rest of the afternoon talking with her, but unfortunately prior commitments prevented us from doing so.  However, I’m sure we will have many more discussions in the future.

It was great to be surround by such a wonderful group of sex positive women and so nice to talk openly about sex without anyone looking shocked, disgusted or horrified, but that it is just a natural part of life.  This is what I love about Pleasure Salon gatherings!

Hats off to amazing sex therapist, Cyndi Darnell from Pleasure Salon for organising yet again another sex positive evening.  Pleasure Salon holds monthly nights in Melbourne and I highly recommend you go and have a look, they are always informative and interesting.

In other news:

I’m giving a talk at Melbourne University this Friday 4th May at 12:30pm about Feminist and Queer Porn, for their “Rad sex and Consent week”, which is free!  I’m looking forward to it but I’m also slightly nervous that Shelia Jefferys and her anti sex minions will be on hand!  However, the organisers look like they are providing a very safe space for people to discuss and explore sex and its many variations through workshops and talks.  If you want more information, check it out here.

Must go and finish practicing my talk.  Hope to see you there.

Online shop now up and running!

Finally, I have set up an online shop where you can purchase some of my films (more will be added soon). Being the DIY kind of woman and after constantly being contacted by people wanting to know where they could buy my films, I decided to give it a go! There is a link on the side but you can also click here to access it. Happy shopping!

…and then there were more screenings!

Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the crazy Melbourne weather to see “Making it Handmade!” It was a great day and the craft market in the foyer made it an event. To see people come out so excited and inspired was the best review anyone could ever get! Since, i have received emails from people who have felt inspired to get crafting or return to it!

Big thanks to my Mum who helped with the box office, Changa Mole for helping with the door and the beautiful Rayna Fahey for organising the craft market.

The film is traveling to Sydney next on Sunday 2nd October as part of the Object Gallery’s “We Craft this City”. For details and to book tickets check out here!

Also looking into possible screenings in Brisbane, Lismore and Perth, but will keep you informed. If you want to keep up to date with everything that is going on with the film join the facebook page!

Today I checked out the DVD design by my wonderful brother, Richard. It looks amazing so I can’t wait to have one in my hot little hand. Now, I have to get off my arse and record a director’s commentary and what’s more work out how to author it on the dvd…and look after Royce and teach and ………ah the joys of balancing motherhood and making DIY films!

On another note…. I just found out that “The Band” has now sold to France and Korea! I wonder if it will be subtitled or dubbed??? Could make for some interesting watching!

Berlin Porn Film Festival wrap up and other news!

Its hard to believe that it has been a month since the opening night of the Berlin Porn Film Festival. After my last post, my days just became a blur of interviewing some of the amazing female film makers at the festival and being interviewed myself.

Some of the highlights were meeting Ovidie for France who made a hilariously funny film called “Histories de Sexe(s)”, great realistic sex scenes, excellent acting and dialogue that had me splitting my sides with laughter! She also interviewed me for a tv channel she works for in France and I interviewed her! Talk about mutual appreciation society and love!
Got to see a documentary about Petra Joy (the Joy of Porn) and her path to making erotic films, which made me realise what a unique group of women film makers where represented at the festival and how different our visions are compared to the mainstream industry! Petra also interviewed me for “Her Porn 2” which is the second in her series on women erotic film makers. She also held the Joy Award to support and encourage more women to make erotica. A film by Australian, Lousie Lush. Her film was a refreshing take on erotica and I hope this is the first of many films to come from her.
Another highlight was being interviewed for German cinephile magazine “Cinearte“. Sabine, who interviewed me was well researched and a joy to talk with. So if you are in Germany I think it will be coming out in jan 2010!
While, Berlin was a crazy 6 days I got to meet so many amazing people and I can’t recommend enough, despite the expense of going to an overseas festival the contacts you make face to face are priceless!
Since returning home, I have done an interview for Playboy in the Philippines! And if you speak or read french check out this article written by a lovely woman called Stephaine!
Also The Band was released on 17th November in the US! Its available through amazon and is uncut, much to my delight! While in Berlin I learnt that the R rated version of the film has been cut by 2mins!! Still haven’t seen the dubbed German version yet but looking forward to having on hopefully in my hot little hand soon! Still no word on an Australia distributor, dingers, I mean fingers crossed there will be one soon!
Much to my disappointment I have also discovered someone has ripped and illegally posted an edited version of The Band online. This saddened my greatly as being a small independent filmmaker who has spent the last three year of her life working unpaid on the film, my only way of recouping is through distribution deals and actions like that stop that opportunity. So whoever you are I am disgusted by your disrespect and people like you will kill independent film makers who offer an alternative to the mainstream cinema. Basically, I think you are an arsehole and if I ever meet you would like to make you a few new ones…and that’s being nice!

Opening Night of the Berlin Porn Film Festival

Oh wow! I was a little nervous before it all started, but with a glass of champagne in hand, I was whisked off to be interviewed by a queer german TV show. They put me in front of a great piece of art which was lots of different photos of colored vaginas! I have to admit though I was quite distracted as there was also a squirting video/ performance art piece playing on the wall and I kept on catching glimpses of it as they interviewed me.

It was a great night, all three cinemas were packed to the rafters and they also added in more seats! Madness. I had so much positive feedback at the end and people kept coming up to me all night, it was such a high! Yet, again I didn’t sit in the theatre and watch it with an audience, but my spies told me that everyone was having a good laugh, which is what I was hoping…that people thought it was funny and sexy!
I meet some amazing women film makers, Petra Joy, Shine Lousie Huston and Candida Royalle, who I had interviewed earlier that day. Meeting Candida was thrilling. I have admired her for a very long time. I remember being about 15 or so and reading an article about her films and thought, “Wow, this woman is amazing’! And she is. I could have stayed there for hours but I had to get back and get ready for the night. Such an intelligent and sexy woman! She is so open and so willing to help other women who want to make erotic films.
This afternoon I went to get some tickets for other screenings and I meet Oli and Tat from Madrid, Spain who run an independent adult film festival in Madrid. They were so much fun and it was great to practice my spanish, I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. To make it even better they have invited The Band to screen at the festival in Madrid next year!! I love Madrid and everytime I have been there it feels like home, so this blew my mind! They also asked me to recommend other Australian film makers who are making erotica or film about sex, so any of you out there reading this check out the link and send them your work! They Rock!
I’m on the jury for the short film competition here so I have to head back and sit in the dark womb of the cinema, will keep you posted with what else is happening here!
I’ve been trying to upload pictures but for some reason my internet connection keeps crashing!

The road to Berlin!

Only 3 days to go and I will be heading off the Berlin Porn Film Festival!  I’m very excited and can’t wait to see The Band on the big screen.  I was just musing the other day how conservative Australia is and the fact that if The Band was screened in public here we would be committing a crime, yet in Berlin its all fine!  Mmmmm maybe I should move to Germany…..

Also, Sanne Kurz who is a wonderful and talented DOP (director of photography) who shot The Band wasn’t going to be able to make the screening as she will be off shooting in Prague. Boo hoo!  However, she contacted me yesterday to say she will be there!  YAH!  I’ve also got some close friend’s coming from London too, so I’m guessing we will be in for some good times.
However, I will have to limit my late nights as I’m a mad woman who can’t sit still, and have decided to shoot a documentary while I’m there!!  Well I figured all these amazing female film makers who are breaking boundaries and reinventing the adult genre, its too good an opportunity to miss.  I’ll be interview pioneering erotic film maker Candida Royalle, Art-Core creator and award winning film maker Petra Joy, photographer and artist Emilie Jouvet from France, Fetish film maker Julie Simone; and erotic star/ cross over mainstream actress and film maker Ovidie.  Its going to be a kick arse group of women!
Can’t wait.  Keep you eyes peeled here for the daily updates I’ll be posting while in Berlin!