Script writing and other computer bound tasks!

Happy New Year. I hope you all had a good break. Mine was spent painting the lounge room, which is now a lovely shade of yolk yellow and white!

After a recent heat wave here in Melbourne I am once again back in my office typing away. First port of call for the new year was two articles on The Berlin Porn Film Festival and some of the brilliant women I meet there, Candida Royalle, Petra Joy, Ovidie and Shine Louise Huston. This also meant I finally got to view the armfuls of film I brought back with me from The Berlin Porn Film Festival. A few stand outs were “Champion: love hurts” by Shine Louise Huston, a seriously hot and queer film for women that was beautifully shot, moody and brutal at times. It was great to see some real porn for lesbian rather than the high heeled hetero male fantasy we are served up in mainstream pornography. Petra Joy’s “art-core” Female Fantasies, great art direction and excellent sexual chemistry between the actors. Jennifer Lyon Bell’s serious sexy short film called Matinee and I revisited Ovidie’s Stories of Sex(es) which is still hilariously funny and sexy at the same time.

“The Band” is showing at the Athens Porn Film Festival this weekend, so if you happen to be in Greece please go out and check it out!

I’m still wading through the rewrite of “Talk to me”. I was hoping to have it done by the silly season but it didn’t happen so I have until the end of the month to make it work! Then I will sink my teeth into creating a trailer for “making it handmade” which should be up on Youtube sometime in Febuary, but I’ll let you know.

I must return to my re-writing and I promise to post more regularly this year than I did last!

Being tied to my computer…oh if only it was sexual too!

Yes, as you can guess from this posts title I am busy trying to knock out another draft of my telemarketing musical that is a lesbian love story called “Talk to me” before the silly season takes over and I spend too much time consuming excessive amounts of food.

I originally wrote the first draft of this film back in March 2003!! Its been sitting in my draw for quite a while but I have continued to make notes on how I would like to change it for the past 6 years. This draft is taking a very different path, but I’m enjoying taking it in a new direction, its refreshing and makes it easier to write in some ways.
I actually find writing quiet stressful and taxing. I have such a vivid imagination and can see my whole film in my head; what the characters look like, who they are, what shots I would use, how it will look, but transferring that to paper for me is painful. People have often said that if they read my scripts and then watch my films they are surprised how different they are! Sanne who was the DOP said the script for ‘The Band” was cheesy and she said the main character was very bland and dull, but that the actress I cast brought another layer to it that wasn’t in the script…I guess I am an actor’s director. I love rehearsing my scripts with actors and seeing what works, giving them the freedom to change and shape, maybe I need to write all my scripts by just video graphing the actors work shopping it and go from there???
However, I often write my whole script or ideas in longhand…yes I’m talking about using a pen and paper. I know its old school but I find it can sometimes open up my mind and provide solutions particularly when I have writers block, or am frustrated. The other useful tool, is going off to write somewhere else. A new environment and space you can gaze out into can make all the difference.
On another note, check out this short doco Louise Lush shot of the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Also if you look back at the old posts from Berlin Porn Film Festival here you will notice I have now added some photos. Above is my hero Candida Royalle and myself at Opening night of the festival.
Enjoy and have a good silly season.

Opening Night of the Berlin Porn Film Festival

Oh wow! I was a little nervous before it all started, but with a glass of champagne in hand, I was whisked off to be interviewed by a queer german TV show. They put me in front of a great piece of art which was lots of different photos of colored vaginas! I have to admit though I was quite distracted as there was also a squirting video/ performance art piece playing on the wall and I kept on catching glimpses of it as they interviewed me.

It was a great night, all three cinemas were packed to the rafters and they also added in more seats! Madness. I had so much positive feedback at the end and people kept coming up to me all night, it was such a high! Yet, again I didn’t sit in the theatre and watch it with an audience, but my spies told me that everyone was having a good laugh, which is what I was hoping…that people thought it was funny and sexy!
I meet some amazing women film makers, Petra Joy, Shine Lousie Huston and Candida Royalle, who I had interviewed earlier that day. Meeting Candida was thrilling. I have admired her for a very long time. I remember being about 15 or so and reading an article about her films and thought, “Wow, this woman is amazing’! And she is. I could have stayed there for hours but I had to get back and get ready for the night. Such an intelligent and sexy woman! She is so open and so willing to help other women who want to make erotic films.
This afternoon I went to get some tickets for other screenings and I meet Oli and Tat from Madrid, Spain who run an independent adult film festival in Madrid. They were so much fun and it was great to practice my spanish, I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. To make it even better they have invited The Band to screen at the festival in Madrid next year!! I love Madrid and everytime I have been there it feels like home, so this blew my mind! They also asked me to recommend other Australian film makers who are making erotica or film about sex, so any of you out there reading this check out the link and send them your work! They Rock!
I’m on the jury for the short film competition here so I have to head back and sit in the dark womb of the cinema, will keep you posted with what else is happening here!
I’ve been trying to upload pictures but for some reason my internet connection keeps crashing!

The road to Berlin!

Only 3 days to go and I will be heading off the Berlin Porn Film Festival!  I’m very excited and can’t wait to see The Band on the big screen.  I was just musing the other day how conservative Australia is and the fact that if The Band was screened in public here we would be committing a crime, yet in Berlin its all fine!  Mmmmm maybe I should move to Germany…..

Also, Sanne Kurz who is a wonderful and talented DOP (director of photography) who shot The Band wasn’t going to be able to make the screening as she will be off shooting in Prague. Boo hoo!  However, she contacted me yesterday to say she will be there!  YAH!  I’ve also got some close friend’s coming from London too, so I’m guessing we will be in for some good times.
However, I will have to limit my late nights as I’m a mad woman who can’t sit still, and have decided to shoot a documentary while I’m there!!  Well I figured all these amazing female film makers who are breaking boundaries and reinventing the adult genre, its too good an opportunity to miss.  I’ll be interview pioneering erotic film maker Candida Royalle, Art-Core creator and award winning film maker Petra Joy, photographer and artist Emilie Jouvet from France, Fetish film maker Julie Simone; and erotic star/ cross over mainstream actress and film maker Ovidie.  Its going to be a kick arse group of women!
Can’t wait.  Keep you eyes peeled here for the daily updates I’ll be posting while in Berlin!