And the winner is…….The Bedroom for Best Director.

Much to my surprise The Bedroom has won Best Director at the International Toronto Porn Awards (formerly the Feminist Porn Awards) on Sunday night!

I was hoping to attend the festival and awards this year but work and other commitments conspired against me…maybe next film!

Thanks again to all the crowdfunding contributors who helped make The Bedroom!

You can check out The Bedroom here:

Or if you are in Melbourne you can come and see it on the Big Screen with a Q and A with the cast, giveaways and lots more!

Or maybe you’d like to learn more about how the film was made?  Megan Spencer spent time with us on set capturing the ins and outs of The Bedroom!

I hope you enjoy!

The Bedroom now available online!

Yes, I have finally moved into the digital age and you can now purchase all my film online!

However, if you like to rock it old school style you can also get The Bedroom on DVD, which is a strictly limited edition of only 100 that are hand numbered!

Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990
Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990

Voice Over for a talking Vagina!

Last night I made a journey to visit Rupert Owen, who played GB in The Band.  Not only an actor but a brilliant and progressive film maker in his own right, and avid sex blogger, Rupert is currently working on an animation of a talking vagina and asked me if I would do the voice over.  I ask you who could resist playing a talking vagina?! 

Not me that is for sure!
So off I went with my lovely partner for dinner and voice over.  After a few wines and a delicious dinner of mussels, we got down to business.  I went in completely unprepared.  I had no idea if Rupert had a script or not, instead his partner asked me a series of questions with a very conversational vein, about being a vagina and what I like to do with it!  Some very funny moments finishing off with a recording of the juicy vaginal sounds I can make with my mouth!  Lots of fun and I can’t wait to see the finished product.  Vagina’s rule!
In the meantime, as the project I am working on in the straight film industry winds down and I can once again have space and time for my own work, I am busy plotting  how I can get to the Berlin Porn Film Festival to finally see The Band on the big screen also how an international audience reacts to it! 
I meet with the wonderful Shanti Gudgeon for lunch and she came up with some new and interesting ideas.  She even suggested, I should give Film Vic a try!  Considering they rejected my profile on their industry directory because “they wanted to protect the Film Victoria brand” (what from filth???  which is fine if you are Anna Kokkinos and you are making a comment on heterosexual power politics, but not if are a feminist erotic film maker making comment on the male driven adult industry and its depiction of sex), I would be highly surprised if they did, but hey will give it a go…..maybe. Will keep you posted.