Wicked Women

Japser Layouts – Wicked Women

At the end of last year, I had the privilege of being chosen as one of 10 filmmakers to be part of an ABC Arts and Screen Australia initiative, Love Bites.  Film Victoria came on board too! The films were part of the 40-year celebrations of Mardi Gras.


I had pitched the idea of a film about a lesbian sex magazine, called Wicked Women, that ran from the late 1980s until the mid 1990s.  For me this film was about highlighting the pioneering women who were brave and broke away from conventions around sexual and gender expression, and who ultimate made it easier for me and many other to explore our sexual expression.


I’d like to give a massive thanks to all at the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, who without their amazing resources this would not have been possible.  Especially to Nick Henderson and Kathy Sports for the generosity of their time and knowledge.


Making a film is a collaborative effort, so I would also like to thank Stitch Williams for letting me cover her hands in makeup, Felicia Smith for her beautiful images, Hannah Palmer for making magic with lights, Troy Mauri for his sound design, Tony Stevens for his editing and being a creative collaborator, Jo Chichester at the ABC for her wisdom and assistance in guiding me through this process, Alicia Brown at Film Victoria for helping out this underground indie filmmaker make sense of funding processes, Alyssa Orvis  from Screen Australia, Kate Pappas for being a wise owl, Shaun Miller for providing reason at stressful times, DJ Gemma and Mystery Carnage for music, and Glitta SuperNova for the extra stories!


There would be no film without the Jasper Laybutts, Lisa Salmon and Kimberley O’Sullivan.  Thank you to you all from your time and stories from that era, and for trusting me to upholding your legacy.


If you are in Australia, you can check the film out here.


The Bedroom now available online!

Yes, I have finally moved into the digital age and you can now purchase all my film online!

However, if you like to rock it old school style you can also get The Bedroom on DVD, which is a strictly limited edition of only 100 that are hand numbered!

Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990
Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990

Being tied to my computer…oh if only it was sexual too!

Yes, as you can guess from this posts title I am busy trying to knock out another draft of my telemarketing musical that is a lesbian love story called “Talk to me” before the silly season takes over and I spend too much time consuming excessive amounts of food.

I originally wrote the first draft of this film back in March 2003!! Its been sitting in my draw for quite a while but I have continued to make notes on how I would like to change it for the past 6 years. This draft is taking a very different path, but I’m enjoying taking it in a new direction, its refreshing and makes it easier to write in some ways.
I actually find writing quiet stressful and taxing. I have such a vivid imagination and can see my whole film in my head; what the characters look like, who they are, what shots I would use, how it will look, but transferring that to paper for me is painful. People have often said that if they read my scripts and then watch my films they are surprised how different they are! Sanne who was the DOP said the script for ‘The Band” was cheesy and she said the main character was very bland and dull, but that the actress I cast brought another layer to it that wasn’t in the script…I guess I am an actor’s director. I love rehearsing my scripts with actors and seeing what works, giving them the freedom to change and shape, maybe I need to write all my scripts by just video graphing the actors work shopping it and go from there???
However, I often write my whole script or ideas in longhand…yes I’m talking about using a pen and paper. I know its old school but I find it can sometimes open up my mind and provide solutions particularly when I have writers block, or am frustrated. The other useful tool, is going off to write somewhere else. A new environment and space you can gaze out into can make all the difference.
On another note, check out this short doco Louise Lush shot of the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Also if you look back at the old posts from Berlin Porn Film Festival here you will notice I have now added some photos. Above is my hero Candida Royalle and myself at Opening night of the festival.
Enjoy and have a good silly season.