Final Erotic Film – No Butter

Yes you read right, No Butter is my final erotic/ explicit film.

Why you ask?

When I started on this journey there were little to no women or queers making alternative, ethical explicit films.  However, now there are  many more women and queer filmmakers, who are making explicit films that are exciting, interesting and that continue to challenge the concept of pornography.  The other reason is that I feel I don’t have anything more to say, there no longer is the driving passion to create such content, so I have decided that this is my last feminist porn film.

I will continue making films, focusing more on documentaries.  The time I’ve spent making explicit films has allowed me as a female filmmaker the opportunity to produce and direct with creative freedom.  I’ve met and worked with many amazing people and it has been an honour and privilege to work with you all.  So thank you to the community, I will continue to be a part of you and look forward to mentoring the next generation of ground breaking young women and queers who want to re-image sexuality on screen.

To give you a little insight into No Butter, it’s a film noir told from the perspective of the femme fatale.  The story it that of Ida, who when her husband is unable to give her what she desires, she hatches a plan to get her bread buttered.

It stars Kim Cums and Stirling Cooper, has beautiful cinematography by Reed Morrison and music by Utopian Crush.

You can view the trailer here.

Or watch the film here.



The Bedroom now available online!

Yes, I have finally moved into the digital age and you can now purchase all my film online!

However, if you like to rock it old school style you can also get The Bedroom on DVD, which is a strictly limited edition of only 100 that are hand numbered!

Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990
Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990

Casting for a new Erotic film!

We are looking for adult actors/performers for a new erotic explicit film from award winning feminist erotic filmmakers, Morgana Muses and Anna Brownfield. 
This film is a sexy comedy, so we are looking for people who can see the humor in sex!
We are looking to cast the following roles:
Female performer age 25-35 Fit, curvy, nerdy/quirky ‘bombshell’ (not necessarily blonde). Possess comedic timing and has the ability to produce a range of facial expressions-such as a look of shock, frustration, anger, amusement, jubilation.
Female performer 35-55. Well-groomed, feminine and pretty in a soft and understated way. Posses a woman next-door look. No tattoos, piercings, radical hair colour/style.
Female performer 35-45. Slim and angular body type. Will need to appear sharp, focused and in control-in mannerisms and slick in dress.
Four male performers aged between 20 -55 years.  While looks are not so important, you will need to have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ and a desire to put female pleasure above and beyond your own.  The male roles do not have any dialogue but comic timing and a sense of humor are a plus!
Auditions will be held on Saturday 25th January in Melbourne
For more information please send a headshot along with your name, age and a brief description of your experience.

So where have you been?


Yeah, I’m sure that is what you have all been asking.  I must be one of the worst bloggers on the planet.  I always think about it and tell myself that I must do it, but then life and creating get in the way and I forget.
So what have I been doing?
Still from video made for Falling
Firstly, I did an art collaboration called Falling with Australian sculpture Annee Miron, Finnish chorographer Favela Vera Ortiz and Finnish dancer Sanne From.   

Video image being projected on sculpture by Annee Miron
 I haven’t made any video art before.  I’ve made plenty of experimental films in my early filmmaking days so there were elements of getting back to my roots, but I’m not sure about this art thing.  It seems a lot harder to make a living from it and I think you need to be even more dedicated to do art here in Australia than you do filmmaking.



Still from the film version of the dance Myoclonic.


Also, I had a chance to shoot some more footage for Doing it Her Way.  
Zahra Stardust
All of Australia’s feminist pornographers got together for Porno Camp.  It was a great weekend of skill sharing and networking.  I finally got to meet and interview the political Zahra Stardust, and the very reclusive Ms Naughty. As well as shoot some observational footage of the weekend.
Ms Naughty


On the set of “New Tricks” shooting “Doing it Her Way.”
I also got to meet Morgana Muse, who won first prize at the Joy awards last year.  I’m hoping to do an interview with her in the near future.  She generously let me shoot behind the scenes on her new film “New Tricks” which was great and made me miss making erotic films, but hopefully we will be collaborating on a project in the near future!
Finally, this Saturday 1st June at 11am  Making it Handmade” will be playing at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery.  I’ll be there for chats and craft afterwards, so if you are anywhere near come and say Hello!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all.  I hope your year is filled with love, happiness and creative times.

I have promised myself that I will write more regular blog posts…you must all be sick of hearing about how slack I am in this regard!

Until I return to teaching at Uni this year, I have a whole 2 months that I can power on with my own film work.  I also decided to do less teaching this year so that I can concentrate on filmmaking.

As stated in my last post I have been working on a new documentary entitled “Doing it Her way.”, which is exploring the rise of feminist porn here in Australia and overseas too.  I actually filmed some of it while I was in Berlin in 2009.  At this stage I have been doing interviews with some of the amazing Australian women making great erotica/porn.

Angela White


Gala Vanting


Liandra Dahl

The motivation to return to this project came after heated discussion with a student about women in pornography.  Yet again this cliche idea of women being victims within this industry came up, and I listened to stereotype after stereotype about what sort of women work in the adult industry.  So to that student, you know who you are, I’m not mentioning your name here as I know you have a desire for a political career and I’m sure being mentioned on a blog that talks about porn is not the type of publicity you would like!

Til next post.

The Band is finally here!

I always feel as though I should start my blog with an apology that it has been soooo long since I last wrote an entry.   Generally, I try to wait until a few things have happened in my filmmaking life before I write about them, but other times I wonder if I should just write about anything and everything…..but I’m guessing most of you don’t want to know about the hand painted wrapping paper I made with my small child!

Now that I have finished teaching for the year and the arduous task of marking is behind me, I once again have 3 blissful months to concentrate on what I love best, making films. Its time that brings me great joy as I can actually embark on creating in my office.  During the teaching semester I have only one day a week here, which seems to be eaten up by admin, orders, tax, etc, so its lovely to finally be able to tackle the big creative things I have been wanting to all year!

It has arrived.

Yes its finally happened.  There is now an Australia release of The Band.  Its strictly limited numbers, so once they are gone, there will be no more!  Thanks to those who all pre-ordered, they all received a special thank you present.  Order your copy here.  It’s a great present for someone who loves smut and music.

I’ve been working on a new documentary called “Doing it Her way!”, more details to come soon.

Falling in…… Stage 2


Stage 2 is now up and happening and you can check it out the NGV studio from yesterday, Thursday 27th until Sun 30th September 2012. The Studio is open from 10 – 10 Thu – Sat and 10 – 5 Sun.

My video piece is being projected onto the Falling sculptures made by Annee Miron.

And next year the choreographer Favela Vera Ortiz and dancer, Sanna From, arrive from Finland for Stage 3.

I was quite happy with how the video images have turned out and it was great fun to edit them as I could experiement and play with footage unlike a traditional narrative based project.

Yesterday, we had some problems with the projection, mainly being that the space is sooo light filled that the images are quite hard to see.  The photo above was taken at night and the images are stronger and clearer then.


This is the same image late afternoon.  It actually comes up better as a photo than looking at it with the naked eye.

Its given me food for thought I will go away and rework a few things ready for the next stage!

Updated website finally completed!

Finally, I have finished updating my website.  I thought this time rather than getting someone else to do it for me I would teach myself dreamweaver and have a go at it myself!  Talk about a huge learning curve, but hey its good to keep your mind active!

Check it out here.  

It is great now to have everything linked in together, as previously I didn’t have a link to my online shop or this blog.

Creatively, I have been having a break and trying to still work out where to go, what to focus my energy on.  Let’s hope over the next few weeks I’ll make some breathing space to sort through it all and make my mind up!

I hope you all had a wonderful Silly Season and a Happy New Year.

“Making it Handmade” to screen on ABC2!

I’ve had to sit on this news for quite awhile now and I have to admit it has been difficult!

It all began last year in November after I sent a copy of the film to the ABC, I received a very excited phone call from them and then nothing. Being caught up in the joy of motherhood I didn’t give it another thought until after the new year. So I emailed them again to see what was happening and one replacement disc later and it was all systems go!

I joked with a friend that I had become mainstream!!! hee hee

No date for the screening as yet, but will let you know when I have one.

What else?

I had a meeting with Neil from Monster Pictures about the possibility of doing another erotic film. So I’m working on idea set in the suburbs, because we all know that is where you will find the most sexually diverse/perverse people. At the moment I’ve entitled it “Screwed in the Suburbs: perfect on the outside, perverted on the inside”! Fingers crossed that it will get up and running.

For a complete contrast, I have been throwing around some ideas for a craft series with Pip Lincolne. We pitched it to ABC and while they haven’t rejected it, they suggested we come up with a different format….mmmmm back to the drawing board.