…and then there were more screenings!

Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the crazy Melbourne weather to see “Making it Handmade!” It was a great day and the craft market in the foyer made it an event. To see people come out so excited and inspired was the best review anyone could ever get! Since, i have received emails from people who have felt inspired to get crafting or return to it!

Big thanks to my Mum who helped with the box office, Changa Mole for helping with the door and the beautiful Rayna Fahey for organising the craft market.

The film is traveling to Sydney next on Sunday 2nd October as part of the Object Gallery’s “We Craft this City”. For details and to book tickets check out here!

Also looking into possible screenings in Brisbane, Lismore and Perth, but will keep you informed. If you want to keep up to date with everything that is going on with the film join the facebook page!

Today I checked out the DVD design by my wonderful brother, Richard. It looks amazing so I can’t wait to have one in my hot little hand. Now, I have to get off my arse and record a director’s commentary and what’s more work out how to author it on the dvd…and look after Royce and teach and ………ah the joys of balancing motherhood and making DIY films!

On another note…. I just found out that “The Band” has now sold to France and Korea! I wonder if it will be subtitled or dubbed??? Could make for some interesting watching!