The Bedroom now available online!

Yes, I have finally moved into the digital age and you can now purchase all my film online!

However, if you like to rock it old school style you can also get The Bedroom on DVD, which is a strictly limited edition of only 100 that are hand numbered!

Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990
Zahra Stardust and Stitch The Bedroom 1990

Director’s commentary for THE BAND

Today, I edited together the Director’s commentary that I recorded last week. It’s very strange listening back to ones voice and I find that I constantly stumble over words and use the wrong ones. Some sections I want to redo but due to time restraints I have to use what is there, which is disturbing as I think of people who don’t know me will listen to this jumble of words and think I don’t make sense.

I’m so tired that I can’t express how I feel very well….my language escapes me…and thinking back there are other stories I have forgotten to tell about the journey of making the film…like the masturbating auditioner (sic) who was quite happy to let us film him jerking off, but afterwards had second thoughts about being in the film and only wanted to if he could wear a mask! Or the horrible nasty emails I received from someone pretending to be from Family First (a right winged christian political group)…so many stories…its hard to remember them all when you are standing alone in a recording studio! Oh well.