THE Band being dubbed in German!

It has been an eventful week.  I learnt that the German release of THE BAND isn’t going to be subtitled but is being dubbed!  I look forward to seeing how they translate some of the Australianisms!  Lucky no one says “cracking the shits” in the film!  I always thought that was a very funny Australian turn of phrase.

Unfortunately, for the wonderful sound designer of The Band, Lachlan Mooney, had to recreate all the sounds made but the actors on set through the time consuming art of Foley.  To make matters worse they emailed me on Friday, but as I like to get away from my computer on the weekends I didn’t get the email til monday and went into a state of panic because they needed it by Tuesday!  I managed to get some extra time and Lachlan did a sterling job putting it all together in such a short period ( this man is brilliant, please employ him!) …we both have learnt lots.  At the same time being such a low budget production there was no chance in hell that we were going to be able to afford to ADR the whole film, hence I found it strange that they choose to dub the film for its German release.  I’m meeting with the German distributor, Wolfgang from Cult Movies, while I’m in Berlin, so I will ask him.
The film is the film that keeps on demanding my time.  Just when I think there is nothing else I need to do for it, something else pops up! 
I’m counting down the days to Berlin and trying to work out when I’ll get time to do washing before I go,  wondering if I should get sleeping pills for the long flight, realizing its going to be stupidly cold and I need a coat I can close ( thanks Sprinkle for sorting out that one, go check out her clothes, beautiful, well made here in Australia and no sweat shop labour) and learning how to burn Blu ray DVDs for the screening at the Berlin Porn Film Festival!  Never a dull moment.

Exciting News for THE BAND!

The US DVD cover
The German DVD cover 

Sorry its been so long between entries, but I have been off gallivanting around the world; celebrating a friend’s wedding in Spain, meeting my partner’s family in Italy and battling through Ramadan in Morocco – but many exciting things have been happening while I’ve been away!

Firstly, THE BAND will be the opening night film at the Berlin Porn Film Festival. a great honour and I still can’t believe it.  It makes the slaving my guts out to get the money together to go there extremely worthwhile!  So I’ll be heading to Berlin at the end of October…so if you are in Berlin on the 22nd October please come and be in the audience.  I promise I will be blogging each day that I’m there to keep up to date with all the naughtiness and great erotic delights I will be experiencing!
Until then I am keeping busy subtitling the film in ….english! Yes I know that’s strange but I’m guessing that due to the German’s being inundated with american accents that the Australian one is quite hard to understand!
Its a rather time consuming and boring task, but I’m extremely grateful that I spent over a week creating a continuity script because all I have to do is cut and paste.  However, it is one of those tasks that you wished there was money left in the budget to pay someone else to do!  ah the joys of independent film making  you need to be multi-skilled and wear all sorts of hats!
Other exciting news is that its official Cult Movies in Germany are distributing “The Band.”  From what I can gather, it looks like it is being released on 22nd October 2009, but I need to confirm this.
Also, a new company in the US called Breaking Pictures has picked up the US and Canadian rights and will be releasing it on 17th November 2009 – so keep an eye out for it!  They are backed by an Aussie, so finger’s crossed they might pick up the Australia rights too!  It would be a shame never to see the film distributed here – but as I have said before we live in conservative times!

Director’s commentary for THE BAND

Today, I edited together the Director’s commentary that I recorded last week. It’s very strange listening back to ones voice and I find that I constantly stumble over words and use the wrong ones. Some sections I want to redo but due to time restraints I have to use what is there, which is disturbing as I think of people who don’t know me will listen to this jumble of words and think I don’t make sense.

I’m so tired that I can’t express how I feel very well….my language escapes me…and thinking back there are other stories I have forgotten to tell about the journey of making the film…like the masturbating auditioner (sic) who was quite happy to let us film him jerking off, but afterwards had second thoughts about being in the film and only wanted to if he could wear a mask! Or the horrible nasty emails I received from someone pretending to be from Family First (a right winged christian political group)…so many stories…its hard to remember them all when you are standing alone in a recording studio! Oh well.

The Band at Cannes

Finally some feedback!

A friend of the wonderful Sanne Kurz, the brilliant DOP who made “The Band” look so amazing, Tina by accident ended up going to see the film and left Sanne this message on her blog!
Tina wrote:
“Just watched by coincidence “The Band” – amazing movie…congratulations and respect.”
How lovely!
When you spend hours and hours in a darkened room going over and over your film you really do loose sight of if its any good or not!  I am working my arse off so that I can go to Berlin Porn Film Festival later this year and see it on the big screen with an audience.
Also check out the July edition of Australian Penthouse and you can see some stills from “The Band” and read a very brief paragraph about “The Band”.

If you happen to be in Cannes!

THE BAND is having a screening at the Cannes Market Place.  So if you happen to be in Cannes, France or Europe and you want to check the film out its screening on May 16 at 11:30am at Palais D!  Its only the R rated version….sorry if you are after the better X rated version you will have to wait until October and come to Berlin!