The Band nominated for Feminist Porn Awards

I’m so thrilled! The Band has been nominated for a Feminist Porn Award! Very exciting. I would love to make the journey to Toronto for the awards but I’m back teaching this week so I’m guessing I’ll have to miss this one. Such a bummer, that is one of the dramas of living on an island at the bottom of the world! But still very excited to be in such good company!

Other good news is that my doco “Making it Handmade!” has a few paragraphs written about it in the most recent addition of IF
(Inside Film) magazine! Does this mean I’m moving from Smut maker to legitimate filmmaker??? Hee hee Like I would care either way!

Also two festivals has asked to have a look at “Making it Handmade!” so I need to return to editing. I’m nearly done, but I need to go and shot some more footage on Thursday. Nothing very exciting, just computer screens and the like, but its getting closer to being a complete rough cut so that is exciting. Next I need to get some fresh eyes to have a look and give me some feedback!