The Band


Set in the contemporary Melbourne band scene. 

Candy is brutally dumped by her rock-and-roll-star-boyfriend, Jimmy Taranto, the lead singer and guitarist of the band ‘Gutter Filth’. She decides to get revenge.

When Jimmy leaves the band to pursue a solo career, Candy sees this as a perfect opportunity to take his place and to lift the band to new heights.  Joining his former band members – the anally obsessed bass player GB, and Dee the closeted cross dressing, panty sniffing drummer- and assisted by their lovely manager, Jennifer, they begin their journey on the road to stardom.

Along the way they have many interesting adventures, but even as their success grows to eventually eclipse that of Jimmy, Candy still cannot find the true love or the sexual satisfaction she is looking for.

But sometimes the things you want the most are right there in front of you.


Opening Night: Berlin Porn Film Festival, 2009
Athens Porn Film Festival, 2009

WINNER of Hottest Feature, Feminist Porn Awards 2010 

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