Tainted Eden

tainted-eden“When your ultimate fantasy becomes your greatest FEAR!”

Angela, the avenging angel, falls to earth, landing with a thud on the side of the road. Steve swerves to miss her.

Steve can’t believe that this mysterious and supposedly deaf and mute woman is his ultimate fantasy, the pin up girl from his favourite calendar.

Upon returning home, Steve introduces Angela to Wayne, his housemate.  Wayne is lost for words as before him stands his ideal fantasy woman, the super bad vixen from his favourite fantasy phone sex advert.

The two men begin to act out their fantasies, tying to entice Angela to join in with their games.  Angela remains quite, listening as the two men celebrate their good fortunes by having a couple of beers, which eventually leads to the drunken confessions of their greatest fears.  When Wayne passes out, Angela begins to use their fear to bring about their ultimate demise.



Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Melbourne 2001
360 Flix, Melbourne, 1998