The Money Shot

the-money-shotCarmen Ryan has just graduated from her filmmaking course at university and the world is her oyster.  She has kind, supportive parents who think the world of her and is partnered by Stuart, her loving boyfriend.  What could upset her idyllic lifestyle?

While everything seems so rosy, Carmen steps into the world of nine to five only to find it doesn’t want her.  Upset by the prospect of unemployment, Carmen diligently sets about rectifying the situation by channeling her skills into making pornos.

After allaying the initial resistance from Stuart, the pair set about producing their first erotic film.  Helped by Carmen’s friend Tracey and hindered by their housemate Vince, they turn their house into a film set and cameras begin to roll.

After all, how hard can it be?

Melbourne Underground Film Festival -Closing night 2005,
AUSFEST, Brisbane 2002

WINNER of Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor MUFF 2005 


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